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    Popular Ways of Carpet Cleaning

    Today carpets have become an essential part of covering for the floor. Carpets tend to gather sand, grit, allergens, dust, odors, and may become stained over a period of time. Since carpets are used for aesthetics and perhaps, for toddlers or pets to play on, they have to be cleaned regularly. This is also necessary to add life into the expensive floor covering that directly affects the heath of the inmates.

    Modern technology has ushered in newer and greener techniques of carpet cleaning as compared to the yester years. Carpet owners can hire professionals that leave no stone unturned, in its endeavor. They may carry out on-site cleaning or at their work place. There are wet and dry methods of cleaning the carpets that leave them looking as good as new.

    The United States has a non-profit fabric cleaning certifying body called IICRC. It recognizes certain dry and wet techniques of ensuring sanitation of the rugs and carpets. The dry cleaning ways and include:

    · Encapsulation

    · Dry compound

    · Bonnet

    · Shampoo

    · Dry foam carpet cleaning


    Carpets may be kept hygienic by spraying them with hot water, to which certain detergents are added in minute quantities. This process is known as hot water extraction, and dislodges and dissolves the accumulated dirt. It is, by far, the best way to keep your carpet in top condition, and does away with the problem of leaving behind a residue of detergents and exposure to chemicals. Any moisture in the carpet will evaporate quickly through proper ventilation, dehumidification, air conditioning, and heating.

    Considering the fact that professionals may be beyond the means of many, a common man can undertake the project on his own. Besides vacuum cleaning on a regular basis, he can use a variety of approaches to keep the carpet uncontaminated and smelling fresh. Stain removing can be done to attack the specific type of stain, such as, that of ink, mud, grease, wax, and urine. To ensure you get a carpet cleaner who is certified visit There you will find a directory of all the carpet cleaners in London. Check our london website for cheap carpet cleaning london

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